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We understand the importance of offering practical solutions, rather than legal textbook advice. We also understand that what works for one client may not work for another, and that sometimes even the simplest matters can lead to major problems. That is why we work together with our clients to provide appropriate legal responses and address concerns effectively.


It goes without saying that our clients are very important to us. They are the main reason why we turn up to work each day. Ensuring that our clients are satisfied is our foremost priority. Our goal is to provide our clients, large or small, with a high level of personalised service at all times. We encourage them to deal directly with our senior lawyers and Partners - that’s how we, and our clients, like it.


We take the time to listen to our clients in order to properly understand their legal problems and concerns. We believe that this is important so that we can shape our advice to a client’s particular situation, and we work hard to create and maintain close working relationships with all our clients. At Blackwells, every client is important, whether they are corporate or private, new or long-standing. It is our aim to develop professional and collegial relationships that endure.

As a boutique legal practice, we provide pragmatic solutions and personalised service to clients in Auckland and beyond. Contact us to begin a rewarding relationship.